100Watts — Venture Studio

100watts is a venture studio focused on tech innovation for Retail & Consumer Brands.

We help build and accelerate product market fit via our ecosystem of retail practitioners and experienced investors. We strive by our motive to Nurturing Innovation in the Retail Industry through Technology.

What We Do?

We take early stage ventures on board for a 52 weeks cohort based learning program. This includes 12–16 weeks of comprehensive assistance towards building products qualified to raise funding. We typically help you to:

  1. Accelerate Product-market fit
    We support you right from the product validation stage towards sculpting your idea until appropriate market fit. Mentors will reinforce your decisions and help achieve milestones.
  2. Provide Tailor-made inputs
    We understand that each idea has a unique journey. Thus, we make the experience individualized based on distinctive requirements, respectively. The idea is to make ourselves accessible for the growth of the brand.
  3. Make you investment ready
    It is suggested to have a perfect pitch to make an impact. We help you build that impression with backstage work through ample workshops, mock demo series, market research, and relevant industry trends.

How things work?

We know that the journey of taking your brand from zero to a hundred requires the most excruciating efforts for the idea to sustain. Foremost step we take is to assign suitable mentor/s who partner with you and help you chalk out a roadmap towards growth at the very start. 100Watts facilitates your growth with:

  1. Open house
    Exclusive meetings with experts, mentors and partners provided for the team to discuss the idea, stage, confusions, and vision with no barriers. A weekly update helps toward clarity of thought and pursue things in a needful manner. This meet brings the team at par with the founders and aligns directions for all. You also get to network with other ventures and founders.
  2. Meet industry experts
    Mentors bring insight and industry experts bring in potential targets. The trend, hacks, and market gravity help the founders identify potential enterprises and create POC opportunities through them.
  3. Go To Market
    Developing a product is a challenge and pitching it, no less either. It is essential to know how to present and target the right customers and investors for your business. Tricky terms are made easy for you to perform well on demo days. Toning down the process for you to make a mark in the market becomes easy with 100Watts. With our program, you are coached in safe hands facilitated with 4 demo days per year.

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