Our Portfolio

Deep Support

Deep Support is an AI driven platform that analyses tickets and automates processes for the customer service centres to enhance their productivity.
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AI driven Customer Engagement platform for Omni-Channel retailers to enhance overall customer value across different channels, including social.
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Yolo Club

Platform for the brands to create unique challenges for their customer base for meaningful brand engagement through these and offer real value across their membership models.
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Comprehensive platform for consumers to manage all post-purchase needs such as warranties, insurance and service support across all durable brands and categories
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NoQ is an end to end digitized platform for small and medium businesses to connect with their customers and suppliers.
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ClozBuy is a virtual shopping platform that enables neighbourhood retailers to conduct digital and contactless commerce with their catchment consumers.
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Retail Tech Startup focused on enabling brick & mortar stores with self and automated checkout solution for a seamless shopping experience.
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Sentient Scripts

Woo Chat

We help D2C and SMBs to manage their business and sell more on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.
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Engagements Lab

Gamefynite platform offers multiple Interactive and Customized Digital Games that allows Brands to actively engage
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ToggleArt is a Platform for Jewellers to Deliver Digital Experiences for their Customers.
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CW Suite

Cloud-based suite of POS, Loyalty, OMS, Inventory, Finance and Analytics for retailers across channels.
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Tango Eye

Tango Eye is the world’s first AI powered E- Manager helping retail spaces achieve Business Excellence by way of Customer Analytics & SOP Compliance.
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An AI based SaaS platform that offers a Natural Language Search and Voice Search APIs / plugins for e-commerce and enterprise that can provide highly accurate and super-fast results.
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