Growth Hacking for Startups

Growth hacking is synonymous with scaling, and it requires easy to adopt techniques to push the growth of the brand, especially B2B Tech startups consider growth hacking as the key technique to scale rapidly.

From generating leads to converting these to sales, growth hacking entails fast experimenting with various marketing methods, advertising initiatives, web design selections, and other responsibilities. The key here is to test out various experimental techniques, approve or reject them, and then go on to the next step. Other than growth, there is no long-term goal here. has been an advocate of PLG strategy bundled together with growth hacking when it comes to retail tech and other SaaS based products. It is vital to get the basics of planning right when deciding on GTM Strategy.

Hear from our mentor, Bhavish Sood as he covers the importance of Product Marketing and Management by introducing the channels to succeed in the deed.

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