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Looking Back To Move Forward: Retail Technology Beyond 2023

Pankaj More and Vishal Kapil

A Conversation Between Global Retail Technology Leaders

Both Pankaj More and Vishal Kapil are seasoned technology executives with extensive global experience in driving digital transformation within the Retail and CPG industries. Pankaj, with his background in leadership roles at Walmart and GE, brings a wealth of experience in spearheading technology-driven initiatives across diverse regions such as Africa, India, and the United States. Similarly, Kapil’s tenure at companies like Marks & Spencer India and Adidas & Reebok India & Emerging Markets has seen him lead transformative IT projects across multiple countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Both Pankaj and Kapil share a passion for leveraging technology to enhance business operations and customer experience. They excel in driving strategic initiatives and building high-performing teams to achieve organizational goals. However, they differ in their specific areas of expertise and leadership styles. Pankaj’s focus lies in digital strategy, product management, and data engineering, while Kapil specializes in technology leadership, change management, and solution architecture. Additionally, Pankaj’s career spans across various multinational corporations, while Kapil has a strong background in consulting and system implementations before transitioning into leadership roles within retail giants. Despite these differences, both Pankaj and Kapil share a common commitment to driving innovation, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and delivering tangible results in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Join Ajay Aggarwal, a global retail professional in weekly conversations with the global leaders of the Retail, Technology and Consumer industry sharing their journey of making an impactful contribution to the industry. Inspirations & lessons from their stories and experiences to empower a new generation of professionals and entrepreneurs. 

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