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Evelyn Reynolds
President - Retail Resources Partners Inc

With over thirty years as a corporate executive in the retail industry, Evelyn has broad-based international experience in luxury, mass and speciality retail; product and business development across the spectrum of the fashion, food and retail services.

She is the founding partner and President of Retail Resource Partners Inc., an independent boutique advisory firm working with both niche and global brands considering entry into the North American Market.

They evaluate opportunities, thorough comprehensive research, market analysis and if required, the development of sales and marketing strategy.

The group’s extensive network allows them to build strategic partnerships supporting company growth.

Her passion is idea generation and innovation; identifying opportunities that connect like-minded individuals and businesses; creating opportunities and destinations that drive traffic and memorable customer experiences.

She has worked with such notable companies as Marks & Spencer, in the UK and Canada, Holt Renfrew (Selfridges Group) and The Hudson’s Bay Company where she was a Senior Merchant as well as leading the business development team, introducing some exciting new business ventures.

This included multiple innovative pop-ups and concessions, including the launch of Kleinfeld Bridal in Canada and the development and execution of both the Food Halls and restaurant strategy for Hudson’s Bay and Saks Canada.

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Ajay Aggarwal

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