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Insights Into The Man Behind The Maverick Effect

Harish Mehta
Executive Chairman - Onward Technologies | Co-Founder - NASSCOM

Attending the Pathshala during my formative years exposed me to the illuminating tenets of Jainism such as Ahimsa – Aparigraha – Sweekar – and Anekaantwad.

Ahimsa is non-violence, widely known and practiced in India, thanks to Gandhiji’s pervading influence. Aparigraha espouses selflessness and detachment from results and material life. Sweekar, the acceptance of adverse outcomes and uncontrollable events in life, is critical to a mind that seeks to endure and progress with equanimity. Sweekar views hurdles and building blocks in the path to the future. I think I owe many of my successes to Sweekar because it gave me the grit and acceptance that is so essential in business. Lastly, Anekaantwad is special to me. Anekaantwad embraces multiple truths instead of just one. There can be varied reasons behind the existence of multiple truths. It could be a limitation of words, language, thinking, logic, emotions or senses. It is special because it became the kernel of my life, and it helped me resolve personal and professional dilemmas.

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Ajay Aggarwal

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